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About this site


What’s in the Good Governance Guide?

The Good Governance Guide also has tips on every page and links to useful resources on other sites.

Who is the Good Governance Guide for?

  • current councillors and council officers
  • anyone thinking about being councillor or working for council
  • organisations supporting local government.

How can it help?

The Good Governance Guide is designed to be a helpful reference that will be used in a number of ways, such as:

  • new councillors who want to understand how the process for making decisions works
  • experienced councillors who are hoping to achieve more in this term by fostering good relationships within council and the administration
  • council officers who want to have a better understanding of councillors’ roles and their need for support and information
  • Chief Executive Officers who are planning to introduce governance training throughout the administration
  • mayors who want to run better council meetings
  • councillors who want information on conflict of interest, pre-apprehension (‘Winky Pop’), how to get more value out of briefings, what their financial accountability is and more.


The Good Governance Guide has been produced by the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV), Victorian Local Governance Association (VLGA), Local Government Victoria (LGV) and Local Government Professionals (LGPro). Each of these organisations nominated a representative to sit on the Good Governance Guide management committee. The content was compiled and drafted by Ron Exiner, Director Governance VLGA acting as Project Officer for this project.

The partners would like to thank John Rantino, Partner at Maddocks Lawyers for providing pro bono legal advice. They also wish to acknowledge the project reference group which reviewed and provided valuable input to the content and approach. Members of this group were councillors Barbara Murdoch (Indigo Shire Council), Micaela Drieberg (Monash City Council) and John Doull (Greater Geelong City Council), Margaret Abbey CEO (Murrindindi Shire Council), Lidia Harding Manager Governance (Moreland City Council), local government consultant Michael Ulbrick and Greg Johnson (former mayor and councillor, Nillumbik Shire Council).

The committee would also like to thank Michael Ulbrick and local government consultant Mark Davies for their specific input into the content on financial governance, and Bill Forrest, Director Advocacy (Wyndham Shire Council) for his contribution to the material on planning and governance. Finally, they wish to acknowledge Philippa Costigan for her work as content editor and Laura Cornhill and her colleagues at Studio Binocular for website design and development.

Good Governance Guide

Produced by the Municipal Association of Victoria, Victorian Local Governance Association, Local Government Victoria and Local Government Professionals to promote good governance in local government.