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A skip to main content link is available on every page, except the homepage. This link enables screen readers to move to the content area, bypassing navigation.

The site map link located at the top right-hand side of each page allows you to quickly navigate to specific pages on the Good Governance Guide website.

Font size

The text on our website can be increased or decreased using the text size icons which are located above the search box at the top right-hand side of every page.


All links are text-based and include alt text. Link rollovers are underlined so they are easily distinguished from regular text.

Documents on other websites

There are a number of links to documents on other websites. Where possible we have endeavoured to link to documents that have been created in accessible formats.


Every page on the Good Governance Guide website can be printed using the browser print function. It prints the page as you’ve viewed it. This includes printing the page with increased or decreased text size.

The entire website can also be printed in one go using the PDF link on the right hand side of every webpage. This has been designed for hardcopy use and legibility.

Responsive web design

The Good Governance Guide website has been designed to detect the size of the device that the site is being accessed from, and display the site at the most suitable size.

Accessibility feedback

Please let us know if you are experiencing issues accessing the content on this website by emailing us at:

Good Governance Guide

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